The Secret Ingredient to Weight Loss – WORKSHOP!

November 2, 2009

The Secret Ingredient to Weight Loss

1 Day Live Workshop

November 7th 2009

9 am – 6 pm

  • How do you feel about your present body size?
  • Do you feel frustrated with your weight?
  • Are you sick of yo-yo dieting?
  • How much better would you feel if you gave up habits such as binge eating?
  • What if you identified the real reasons you hold onto weight, and had the opportunity to change, so that you no longer struggled with weight issues – Would you?
  • How satisfied will you feel when you reach your weight loss goal?
  • How much more pleasant would life be?

Why is fitness and nutrition not enough?

The ‘normal’ weight loss model that the world seems to follow is based solely on a behavior level. For example: Do this exercise, eat this food, and don’t eat that. Basically we all know what to do behavior wise; so why aren’t we all fit and firm?

The old model is ineffective. Statistics are now stating that over 65% of our population is overweight, and 25% of those are classified as obese. Behavior education alone, is failing.

  • Are you ready for something new, and more effective?

What will work?

Possibility opens up, when you begin looking at your thoughts, and the mental processes that you run on a daily basis.

  • Do your beliefs support you?
  • What are you saying to yourself?

This workshop will allow you to look within your own mind, at your relationship with yourself. You will identify and uncover your deeply held values, beliefs and sense of identity, that determines your weight, and your ability to loose it. When you make change at these levels, you create a better relationship with yourself and your body. And synonymously your relationship with food also changes, and being slender becomes an option.

The New Methodology.

Identify patterns and structures in your ways of thinking, using The Neurological Levels Model, by Robert Dilts.

The Dilts model addresses environment, behavior, capability, beliefs and values, identity and beyond. Through using the model you will see why behavioral changes alone are seldom enough for lasting and effective weight loss results, and how plugging in at the appropriate level, will enable you to create the positive change that you desire.

Identify any limiting beliefs, and commence change linguistically.

When you no longer believe that you’ll “always be heavy”, or “don’t deserve to be slender”, you can open the door to the possibility that you “have a beautiful body” and are “deserving of a slender figure”. Through changing linguistically these old limiting beliefs to something more positive and empowering, you can create life long change, and begin to shape you future.

Cause > Effect. Taking charge.

Learn empowering ways to take control of your weight issues. Step away from feeling powerless over your weight, and towards and into empowerment and potential.

Identify your motivators, through Values Elicitation. Do you move towards or away?

Learn why some motivators may be self sabotaging, and how to adopt a more positive motivation process, that will lead to lasting success.

Set a Well Formed Outcome.

An outcome that is well formed will be stated in the positive, evidence based, something you can start and maintain, contextualized, will maintain the positive by-products/intent of negative patterns and be ecological to your sense of self. This model ensures that you will will be happy and satisfied with the changes, and pin points areas that may need adjustment.

  • Are you ready to be slim?

Nov. 7th 2009

9:00am – 6:00pm

Lindsay Ontario


Please contact Alyssa Huntley to arrange payment

email: eleven_eleven@sympatico.cathe secret ingredient to weight loss - workshop (bow/waist)

Presented by Eleven:Eleven Life Styling


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