The Secret Ingredient to Weight Loss

November 2, 2009


The Secret Ingredient to Weight Loss

Learn how changing the way you think can help you reach and maintain your weight loss goals.

Are you getting fed up with trying all the new diets, gadgets, and spending money on equipment, only to never see any results, yo-yo back and forth on the scale, or really struggle? Can you imagine how easier life would be when you have a weight loss plan the works specifically for you, and the way your body and mind secret

Currently in the fitness and nutrition industry the changes one makes are behaviour changes. Trainers and nutritionists are awesome, and can give you tons of excellent advice, plans and programs. So why then are you still struggling? You know what to do and have an expert helping you along and personalizing programs, so what’s stopping you from achieving great success? The piece that’s missing from the puzzle, that will make or break the success of your weight loss program, is what you believe. If you, as a client, have a limiting belief that is getting in your way, no matter how hard you train or what nutritional program you follow, somehow you will always find a way to NOT to succeed. (Have you been there?) The basic reason you may not be reaching those goals is your underlying thoughts, beliefs and values.

So, what can you do about it? Address the underlying beliefs by first identifying what they are. What limiting beliefs do you hold? Beliefs are essentially the rules that you create for yourself and live by. You may not even recognize them as being beliefs, you might think they’re facts, or just the way the world is. Having a NLP trained life coach to talk to, can help flag up your limiting beliefs, so that they can be changed and you can succeed at your weight loss and weight maintenance endeavor. .

Disarming the belief, is the second step. Your coach, if trained in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), will hear your limiting belief and challenge it, asking you if that thought is a belief, and whether it is helpful or not. Your NLP coach can then offer you techniques that will shift your limiting belief to a supportive belief.

Beliefs can be changed on the level of identity, as in “I am ….” opposed to “I am not….”, or on the level of capability and possibility, as in “I can…” opposed to “I can’t…”, “I will …” opposed to “I won’t…”, “It’s possible for me to….” opposed to “It’s impossible for me to…”. Some example being; “I will never have the body that I want” can easily change to “I am creating the body I want”. Or the limiting belief of “I can’t run” (from a client who wants to run) to “I can run”.

The shift is quite easy once you’ve identified the limiting belief, know the belief you want to change it to, and have the proper NLP coach to help. Techniques used by your coach will be “The Basic Belief Chaining Procedure / Walking Belief Change” for identity level beliefs, and “The Sub-modality Belief Change” for possibility and capability belief changes. Either technique can be scheduled into a one hour session, and you get to walk out with the secret ingredient to weight loss.

How will it be when your thoughts and beliefs support your weight loss goals?

How would it feel to easily loose weight?

What if the struggle that you’ve faced for so long regarding weight, finally went away?

Imagine getting dressed in the morning and putting on the size you’ve always dreamed of.

How much happier would you feel? Are you ready for the change?

Alyssa Huntley is the owner and creator of 11:11 Life Styling. She is a NLP Practitioner, life coach, fitness instructor, personal trainer, nutrition and wellness specialist. She works both, face to face with clients and over the telephone. For more information about 11:11 Life Styling go to


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