What is my cold telling me?

November 22, 2009

Fall marks the beginning of a season of preparation and rest; where you turn more inward, and nurture your relationship with yourself. It is a time of gentle transition, where focus changes from the outward yang energy of the summer, to the quieter yin energy of the winter.
As cooler weather sets in, things start to slow down. You may be noticing that your own energy is slowing down correspondingly. Winter is a time of rest and contemplation, where you begin to take a good look at yourself, and how you have been caring for yourself…or rather not caring for yourself (as the case may be).
Coughs and colds emerge this time of year, and it’s no surprise that when you push against or ignore your natural response to slow, you get sick. Getting sick is natures way of telling you, and forcing you, to take a break and address what you’ve been putting off or ignoring within.
Symbolically and metaphorically lets break down the common cold and see what nature is telling you about where you may need healing on levels deeper than the physical.
The common cold is generally physically composed of congestion, a cough and a need for bodily rest and healing.
Congestion is something that is stuck inside and you want to get out. It can feel sticky, heavy and hard to move. Metaphorically, congestion can be seen as something literally stuck within. It often occurs in the chest (heart) and in the throat (voice).
Good questions to ask yourself when this occurs would be:
“What am I hanging on to (and congested with), that I really want to let go of?” and
“What keeps me stuck?”
Coughing is the attempt to rid your body of congestion. Symbolically coughing represents: letting out what needs out, saying what needs to be said, and expelling what is no longer wanted.
Ask yourself:
“How well am I expressing myself?”
“How often do I give a voice to what’s in my heart?” and
“What do I need to say, and to whom?”
Physical Rest is needed for your body to recuperate and be healthy. How many hours do you work a week, and how much of that do you enjoy? You may notice, that on a day to day basis, you are under a tremendous amount of stress. How are you coping? Do you relax, rejuvenate and do things that you love? Do you think that you are resting and relaxing often enough?
Take a look at you life, in the big picture; how content are you overall?
And when you look within and pay attention to your feelings, could you really use a bit more rest on “you time”?
When you get sick you must, rest physically, you stop all the hustle and bustle, and just be present. You get to decelerate and let go of it all for a little while. It can actually be a much needed relief.
A cold is healed by clearing away the toxins, the same way you as a whole being can be healed and healthy. How much old baggage, stored up painful memories, things unsaid, built up emotions and hurt resides within?
Take a moment to actually stop and think about that question….How long do you want to carry those “toxins”?
Statistics state that 99% of illness is caused from stress. If stress manifest itself in the physical form, how much do you want to let build and congest?
Nurture yourself; pay attention to your needs and feelings. Eat sensibly, be active daily, rest and recuperate. Pace yourself, find what you love and do it. Only you can create balance, peace and harmony in your life.
Colds come and go. Some people are constantly plagued with them and others seem to go years without. How often do you feel ill? Is it possible that perhaps nature is trying to tell you something more? What message do you need to hear?
“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that there was within me an invincible summer.”
Albert Camus

Alyssa Huntley

11:11 Life Styling.
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