Meditation – Speak Up

November 23, 2009



Finding Your Voice


Take a few moments to wind down.

Lie or sit comfortably in a position where you can breathe easily and smoothly.


Relax your body and feel gravity drawing you towards the center of the earth.

Allow your body to feel heavy and grounded.


Close your eyes softly or take a restful gaze.


As you focus on your breath… internally visualize a beautiful blue colour of light radiating around your neck, jaw and mouth.

Trust that this area is a powerful energy center in your body linked to communication and self expression.    Let the colour swirl around your mouth, ears, neck, jaw and tongue.   Feel it opening , giving and releasing the energy you want and need.

It’s okay if you don’t know what that is…just let it be.    Trust and allow that whatever appears or dissipates.    Whatever you feel is totally right for you in this moment.


Breathe and release any tension that you are holding in your neck, mouth and throat.     With each exhalation, breath out tension. Let yourself release that which does not serve you or anyone else, it may not be your burden to carry.      Allow yourself to feel lighter and let your muscles relax more and more with each exhale.


With each breathe in, become aware of the intensity and purity of the blue colour, and with each exhale feel it strengthening the area and creating a path for you to speak the truth, express your feelings and ask for what you want and need.   You deserve to speak and be heard.


Ask yourself;


What is it I need right now?


What is it I truly want?


What do I need to say?

(Speak aloud your heart’s response.)


How can I meet those needs?


Put the question out there and try not to think about it to much.   Listen.    Trust the right answer will come, and that you will know it is right when it comes.


Ask also;


What gifts can I give to myself?


speak up - blue energy

speak from your heart - 11:11



Give your question out, then let the thought go.   Be open to what you receive.    By giving yourself what you need and desire, you will find that others will also support and honour you in ways that are pure for them and you.


Breathe, relax and feel the energy in your throat and mouth, watch it from within, allow it to flow wherever it is needed.


When you feel ready and more connected, consciously bring yourself back into your physical surroundings and open your eyes.    Know that all you need is inside of you – trust your keen intuition and do what is truly right for you, because that is what is truly right for the world too.



Alyssa Hutnely



“Worth your weight

The gold of Meditation”

  • Red Hot Chili Peppers (Can’t Stop)

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