Remaining Balanced Through the Holidays

December 12, 2009

11:11 life styling - balance wheel

Remaining Balanced Through the Holidays

Coaching For Life

by Alyssa Huntley

Creating balance in your life is a ongoing process, ever evolving, expanding and changing. This holiday season, take the time to assess how you feel about the balance you have created within your life, and re-adjust if necessary.

During the holiday season, you may find yourself juggling and coping with more than usual. The added stress, pressure and expectations can leave you feeling overwhelmed and out of balance. More than any other time of year, you may feel the yearning for peace and serenity. To find this comfort, it’s important to uncover the aspects of your life that feel out of balance, then with this awareness, begin to create a balanced equilibrium, that is both peaceful, serene and satisfying.

Using the Balance Wheel, (see image)you can determine your immediate state of balance, and isolate any trouble areas within the main aspects of your life. To use the Balance Wheel, mark the center point of the circle as 0 (completely dis-satisfied), and the outer perimeter of the circle as 10 (completely satisfied), with the half way point as 5 (somewhat satisfied), and so on. Now, using the satisfaction scale of 0 – 10, rate each aspect of your life, and mark it in the wheel.

Once you have the rating complete, shade it in from the central point, and have a look at your balance wheel; How bumpy would your ride be, if the wheel were real?

Ask yourself these questions:

“What do I notice first, when looking at the wheel?”,

“Where am I out of balance, and what requires immediate attention?”

After identifying the areas that could use attention, create a personalized solution, by asking yourself:

“What actions would help me to feel more balanced?”,

“What one change could I make, that would have the greatest effect on my life as a whole?” and

“How would that enhance my life, once implemented?”

Then set yourself up, with a simple day to day plan. Break that goal down into realistic steps. Set one goal to accomplish today, and one or two more, to accomplish by the end of the week.

Write down your goals and steps. Plan them in your calendar, or place them somewhere you will see them regularly, and be reminded. If you are liable to put it off, get distracted, or not see it through to completion, set up a weekly appointment with your coach, who will hold you accountable, keep your best interests at heart, and help to ensure that your holiday season is peaceful, personally satisfying and in balance.

Some benefits of staying balanced this holiday season are:

  • Imagine waking up Christmas morning well rested and satisfied.
  • Envision having extra money in the bank come boxing day.
  • What if you set appropriate boundaries for your holiday traveling and visiting, so that all your needs were met.
  • How good will it feel to wear your “skinny dress/pants” on New Years Eve?
  • Imagine going back to work after the holidays feeling rejuvenated and with a renewed sense of positivity.

Want to enjoy those benefits? Then take the time to find balance this holiday season, you are worth it!


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