January 25, 2010

11:11 truth

Truth Telling ~

Setting Yourself Free

What would it be like if you didn’t avoid anything that you knew to be true?

What if you came out of hiding in all areas of your life, and accepted who you are fully and completely?

How freeing would the be?


an interesting topic. What is truth, and what are your own values of truth? When do you think it’s okay to bend it? Is it really okay?…

To tell the truth is to speak from a place of complete unguardedness; it is to be real and to be your own authentic self, without fear. When you hold back your truth, you are holding back your own freedom, and not allowing yourself to be who you really are. Also, when you hold back your own truth, you are not allowing others to be exactly as they are. To speak truths wholly, you leave room for the other person to agree or disagree, or even see things completely differently. Truth doesn’t try to sway others in any direction, it simply allows others to be completely themselves, and that enables yourself and that other person to put their fears aside. Then you both can feel a sense of not needing to contract, withhold, or put up a safety barrier. You can simply be wholly yourself, and connect on a much deeper and accepting level.

So, what is it that holds you back from telling truths? Why do you tend to be somewhat fearful of being honest or real? It seems to be, that in many of us, there is an ingrained sense that if you speak the full truth, someone will get hurt, or someone else won’t like it. This most often comes from childhood experiences; being told that what you said “wasn’t nice,” or that you “shouldn’t say that,” etc. While there is a place for learning kindness, the silent message behind these teaching, tells you that just being yourself is not okay, and that there are conditions and certain times when telling the truth is not acceptable. So, you start telling white lies, and feeling bits of negativity towards truth.

You may also be averted from the truth because there is a deep knowing within, that when you are completely honest; you have no control. (Of course you don’t anyhow…but we tend to enjoy the illusion that we do). I think that for many of us, there is this fear, as to what people would really think of us if we were to be completely open and pure. We tend to not want anyone else to see our weaknesses, vulnerabilities, fears, or doubts, but the truth is that we all have them. We’re all really not that different from one another… and perhaps for some that realization may be a little frightening as well.

That brings me around to the question then…do we use untruths to protect ourselves? And if yes…what do we feel the need to protect ourselves from? Is it possible that this protection device is a major disservice to ourself? For when we hide from others, we are also hiding from ourself, and not allowing ourselves to accept ourselves exactly as we are. It could almost be seen as a shaming.

So, what stops you from telling truths? What causes you to go into hiding, and how does it make you feel when that occurs?

What might it be like to really face yourself, and live in total truth?

Please keep in mind that when speaking of truth telling, it’s not about telling someone how awful you think they are, for that is your opinion. Your opinion is your opinion, and it is a judgment and projection, it is not a truth. A truth is what is really real, where there is no blame, no judgment, and no shame. Truth begins with sincerity…Can you be totally sincere with yourself, and look inside to those aspects of yourself that yo may not wish to see? It may present it’s challenges, but think of the benefits of truly connecting with your heart.

Imagine opening up and freeing yourself…

Imagine being completely proud and content with who you are.

What would it be like to really be free?

Inspired by the teachings of Adyashanti.


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