Active Rest (Fitness and Health)

January 27, 2010

Once, one becomes dedicated to an exercise routine, it can be very challenging when your told you need to take rest days. Needing to rest, doesn’t mean sitting down all day – and in fact there are many activities that you can do – this concept is called Active Rest.

Active Rest is another word for Cross Training.

Here are a few examples of how you can vary your routine, still stay active and also ensure that your muscles are getting adequate rest between training sessions:

* Split Routines: Work one muscle grouping one day, and another muscle grouping the next. Example: upper body one day, lower body the next.

* Mix light workout days with intense workout days.

* Add a variety of cardio-exercises to your routine. Bike, run, walk, take a class, swim, etc.

* Take a yoga class or do some stretching/flexibility training mid week.

It is during the rest period that one actually builds muscle. If you are working the same area without adequate rest, you interrupt the building and healing cycle, and set yourself up to become prone to injury.

Becoming healthy, strong and fit, is a three part process: exercise, nutrition and rest. To ensure the best formula, you’ll want to create a balance of each.

Train smarter…and reap better rewards!

In H

11:11 power walking/ cross train

active rest days / cross train

ealth and Fitness,
Alyssa 11:11


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