Good Posture Tips

February 18, 2010

Here’s a few standard tips for improving posture. Improved posture lessens back pain, is healthier for your internal organ’s functioning, and helps to create a longer, taller (more elegant) appearance.

* Stand and sit taller…hold in abdominals (and pelvic floor), lengthen the spine, depress the shoulders down and back, and keep the head looking forward, with the crown of the head lifting towards the ceiling. (See diagram for alignment of key points). Keep the weight even through both feet, and from ball to toes, knees are soft and not locked, and pelvis is rolled slightly under.

* If sitting often, try to get an ergonomic chair or sit on a swiss ball. If these options are not available, a pillow can be used for the lower back.

* Wear supportive shoes, and walk bare foot when possible.

* Try to avoid slouching.

* When lifting heavy objects lift using the legs, and keeping the back straight and abs held in. (Watch for the spine rounding, or leaning forward excessively)

* Take activity breaks, if your work calls for sitting all day, and do a few stretches at your chair periodically.

In health and fitness – Alyssa


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