Swiss ball leg curls

February 18, 2010

Want to create a nice solid bottom and strong legs?  Yes…here’s an exercise to help tighten and tone those amazing areas of your beautiful body.  Remember train, with a positive mind set, and honouring your body, not as a punishment.  Give yourself a gift of strength and capability… enjoy!

Swiss Ball Leg Curl:

1.) Begin with lower calves upon top of ball, shoulders & upper back on floor, abdominals engaged, & arms out to the side for balance.

2.) Raise your hips while consciously tightening your glutes (bum), & holding the abs in firmly. Knees remain straight (slightly bent), not locked.

3.) In elevated position, bend the knees, and draw the ball in towards your body, until your feet are on top of the ball, and you are in a bridge position up in the air . Do not allow the body to lower.

4.) Pause, the extend legs to straight (not locked) position, while still elevated (position #2)

5.) Then slowly and in a controlled fashion, lower back to starting position.

Repeat 3 sets of 10-12 reps (for moderate exercisers)
…Aim for 1 set if new to this exercise or exercise in general – it’s always a wise idea to use a trainer the first few times, to ensure safety and proper execution of the move.

For added challenge (advanced level) – extend one leg off the ball, and hold up towards sky, executing the exercise with one leg at a time.  Shaa-zam!

Muscles worked:
Glutes (bum)
Hamstring (back of upper thy)
Erector Spinae (back)
Abdominals (as stabilizers)  


Alyssa Huntley

Can Fit Pro certified Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Nutrition and Wellness Specialist

Fitness Unlimited Certified Life Coach Levels 1 & 2

INLPTA  certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner




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