Weirdness is wonderful

February 18, 2010

“Weirdness is Wonderful”
today I heard a great little story, that I would like to share. It is about a boy who came across as a little odd. The boy preferred to sort rocks and stones when playing outside rather than play with the other children. Some of the children would call him weird, and when he would come home and tell his mother, she would kindly say to him that “weirdness is wonderful”. She did not ever try to deny his weirdness, or act as if it were unacceptable. She did not tell him that he was “normal” or that “things would be okay, and he fit in”, she embraced his differences and uniquenesses and encouraged him to continue being himself, even if the other children were different from him, and called him weird. She would say, that “being weird is GREAT” and so the boy grew into a man who accepted who he was and the quirks that he may have.

…You see so many of us (probably all of us) at some point feel weird, we feel different, or strange and unlike others. In this soceity we often try to “fit in” and “be like others”, or what is “acceptable”, though by doing so we very much deny our own essence, our own unique gifts. We are not meant to be like others, we are meant to be us, exactly as we are.
It is our uniqueness that makes, and can be celebrated.

A thought to ponder:
What would it be like to celebrate your quirks and differences and be them freely and openly, in every area of your life?

…..You are extraordinary

(original story by Adyashanti)


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