Snow Shovel fitness tips

February 26, 2010

– Use a shovel that’s appropriate for you, the bigger the blade the heavier the load.
Use a small blade if you have to;
– Keep the shovel blade close to your body at all times;
– Keep your knees bent;
– Lift from your legs;
– Keep feet hip width apart for better balance;
– Take breaks;
– Your body is a great barometer so if something hurts, you’re injuring yourself. Stop shoveling!

Snow shoveling is considered a moderate exercise (blood pressure and heart rate increase) and because of this, there are certain precautions we all need to take. There are actually those among us who should be very cautious when shoveling:
– Individuals who have already suffered a heart attack;
– Anyone with a history of heart disease;
– Those with high cholesterol and blood pressure;

Take care, be active and safe


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