Let Spring Time Give You Renewed Energy

July 16, 2010

Let Spring Time Give You New Enthusiasm For Life!

Coaching For Life by Alyssa Huntley

Spring time is a time of creation and growth, when all is being restored. The things we have learned by looking inwards during the quieter winter months, are now ready to be expressed and lived out.

As nature around us begins to become more light, and the day comes to equal the night, and then exceed it, our energy is elevated, and we feel a sense of invigoration, and inspiration…like it’s time to begin something new and spectacular.

The ideas and thoughts that your mind has uncovered and your heart has discovered are now ready to sprout and bloom. In looking at yourself this winter, what have you learned? Where have you grown? What truth has been found, from winter’s natural introspection? Did you perhaps find things that are no longer suiting to you, or where you feel you energy may be dull? Now is the time to let fall away, what no longer feels right, and flow into the natural rhythm with what is true for you.

The sensations may not be a real strong direction, it may simply be a realization that something needs to shift, or an awareness that there is life and energy elsewhere that beckons you, or that sits right in your own soul. The changes that occur in spring are not that of the ego-centered mind, or of greed or how to get more of one thing or another. The changes of spring are a melding with what is true for you in your deepest essence.


Happy Growing!


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