Taking Risks to Get Ahead

July 16, 2010

Our natural instincts to remain secure are usually much greater that our instinct to be successful or even joyous. This is why, we often resist making changes and taking risks even when we feel that inner nudge pushing us forward. It becomes very easy to make up excuses to remain at a stand still rather than admit that we may be afraid. However all this does is stop yourself from realizing and actuating your potential, and what may possibly bring great joy.

When you feel that little nudge to make a decision or take a risk, but find yourself indecisive, listen to your intuition. Your intuition is the wisdom that is held within you, beneath any fear, that tells you whether a decision is right or wrong. At every moment your intuition is communicating with you, so practice slowing down a little and paying attention to your instincts and consciousness, or you may miss out on the helpful messages that are there to guide you. When we become aware of this energy, life begins to guide us, and the right decisions just seem to happen, and the fears can subside.

When about to take a risk, and it feels right, assess your dependables. Meaning, what and who can you rely on fully? Make a list of family, friends, and helpful individuals, plus your own inner strengths and talents. By identifying what what you do have, the risks become a little less fearsome. This also helps to create a reserve or fall-back for support, motivation, knowledge, energy and love.

Lastly, know how to protect yourself, and prepare for any unforeseen events. When you prepare, and act wisely, you reduce the amount of risk before taking any big steps. Create a list of things that will help to create stability and safety, as you step away from the known and into the new.

Move forward boldly.


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