Managing Stress, Time and Yourself

October 29, 2010


Life is full of opportunity and an abundance of ways to spend your energy. Sometimes though, we stretch ourselves too far, and healthy stress, when mounted, become too much, creating unhealthy stress.


Unhealthy stress, opposed to healthy stress (which is motivating and energizing) causes a dip in energy, productivity and creates anxiousness, frustration and clouded thinking. When unhealthy stress occurs, it’s a signal to step back and re-balance.


The act of stepping back itself can feel very counter-productive, especially if facing a deadline. Though it almost immediately calms, due to the distance that it creates between you and the task(s). Your mind and body can relax, and you see new options and solutions.


Try taking a little walk to clear your head, do some deep breathing or get a glass of water. Once distanced, you can look at the situation from the outside…. Ask yourself the following: What are the options?..What would help to reduce the stress level (and not add to it at a later time)?


Consider the option of delegation. Often we feel like we are the only one who can accomplish a task properly (or worse yet, that someone else might do it better). Re-frame, by looking at delegation as a way of allowing others to show their talents. Give clear instruction, ensure adequate resources and offer praise. Allow your co-workers to become your allies, who offer support and then reciprocate. If you feel resistant to the idea, ask yourself; What is getting in the way? Ego? Fear of imposing? When would it feel okay? Then, go from there moving forward from your answers.


Another way to minimize unhealthy stress, is to look at your day as a whole and start eliminating what’s not a priority. Some tasks we do simply because we always have. Start by asking yourself: What can I let go of, that by doing so, would help me be more balanced? You might find, that it’s even just a stressful feeling that you can release, by bringing awareness to it. Remember that it’s not how much your do that makes you wise or successful, it’s about knowing yourself and your energy demands and limits. What tasks are worth focusing your energy? Letting go can be a decision that makes you stronger in business and life, since your focus goes where it it most needed, and serves you best.


“Our life is frittered away by detail… Simplify, simplify.”

~ Henry David Thoreau

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