Yoga & Primal Movement for Pain Relief (Nov. – Dec. 2011)

October 8, 2011

Yoga and Primal Movement ā€“ For Pain Free Living & Natural Medicine

You are invited to join me in an amazing class that will help you to live pain free and come back to the sheer joy of living in your own body.

Primal Movement Patterns, heal yourself from the following illnesses:
* Hyperventilation
* Inverted Breathing Patterns
* Chronic Postural Syndromes
* Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain of all types
* Visual Disorders
* Chronic Popping of Joints
* Digestive and Eliminative Disorders
* Glandular Disorders
* Emotional Imbalances
* Mental Self Management Challenges (hyperactivity, nervousness, anxiety, and lack of self esteem)

Feel free in your body again, so that your focus can return to living and loving, and have the freedom to move and play as you wish.

Exercises are derived from fetal, infant and the initial stages of development in the body and mind; from these movement patterns we assess your bodily changes movement by movement, and week to week, noting your amazing progress.

If you’ve not found something for pain relief or healing that has worked or lasted, then this class is for you. It’s preventative, holistic, body movement medicine – that trains your mind & body.

These movement patterns are blended with gentle hatha yoga and kundalini yoga for health, vitality, freedom and love of our own selves.

November and December

Monday 4:30-5:30 p.m.


11:11 Studio

112 Orchard Park Road Lindsay ON.

Please register by Oct 21st, 2011, as this class is limited to 6 participants and is in extremely high demand.



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