Yoga for Boys – (Lindsay ON Yoga Monkey)

October 12, 2011

Yoga is great for boys!

Why…….. you might ask?

Yoga helps to build self esteem, strength and confidence.  It helps develop concentration, focus and awareness of themself – their bodies and their thoughts.  It allows boys to have a structure to turn to when things are tough.  They learn to understand themselves and know how they truly feel and what they believe, so they can stand firmly on their own two feet.

Did you know that generally boys are less flexible than girls, so yoga can help build your son’s flexibility, and thus be very helpful for him if he is involved in any sports..creating more range of motion and less chance of injury…plus better body awareness and control, for improved playing ability.  Amazing as it may seem, many pro-athletes now do yoga as an important part of their training routine.   Yoga, though lots of stretching is involved, is also quite challenging for the muscles, and builds up quite a bit of strength in it students.  This combination of strength and stretch helps to create a strong, flexible, balanced and healthy body and mind, which is great for any-body male or female.

Yoga also teaches gentleness.  It creates a space where there is no judgement and no competition.  He can simply come and be as he is.   Sitting with any uncertainties, aggression, and troubles, allows for mindfulness, and resolution in a way that is non-violent. It teaches patience and pausing before acting, important factors to have before he becomes a man.

Yoga as well, lets boy be boys…or better yet, let’s people be people, there are no stereotypes in yoga, there are students, and each one is honoured for who they are, no matter how that may be.

Yoga also has freedom, yoga timer can be whatever your son needs it to be, a break from school, a break from peer-pressure, a break from friends or even family…it can be a time for your son, to be free of all responsibilities and take a little break.  We all need that time to time.  A time to let go and unwind and really just be us exactly as we are.

Please consider having your son try a class,

11:11 Life Styling offers Yoga Monkeys

A great introductory yoga class for kids ages 4 to 12.  It’s light, easy to follow and includes some games and role play.  Family members are encouraged to join in the fun, creating a bonding experience for both parent and child.

Find more info on

or our yoga monkey facebook page :

Alyssa Huntley

Can Fit Pro Certified, FIS, NWS, PTS

Fitness Unlimited Certified Life Coach Levels 1 & 2

INLPTA certified practitioneryoga monkey lindsay on - blog pic


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