Family Yoga ~ in your home, with your family

October 22, 2011

Do you love yoga, and wish you had more time to do it?

Feel overwhelmed by work and obligations?

Think your family could benefit from yoga too?


Here’s a way to easily fit yoga  into your life:  Family Yoga


It couldn’t be any easier – you pick the time your family is available, and I come to you and teach your family yoga in your own home.


Think of how beneficial home-based-family-yoga could be for you:

~ it’s a great way for your husband unwind and de-stress from work and obligations.

~ it’s an empowering way for kids to begin listening to their own bodies, and build a stronger connection with their intuition.

~ it creates flexibility in the mind and body, and opens doors to new possibilities and ways of thinking.

~ and how would it feel for you to relax and unwind after all you do in a day, and at the same time spend some quality time with your family?


Sounds nice doesn’t it…and it’s all brought to you, and made simple.

Pick your day, pick your time, and let’s get started…… take a deep breath in…..relax…..

let’s get started.


$90.00 per hour and a half class.

$60.00 one hour class.



Alyssa Huntley

Can Fit Pro Certified – Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Nutrition and Wellness Specialist

Ontario Fitness Council Certified (NFLAC)

Fitness Unlimited Certified – Life Coach Levels 1 & 2

INLPTA Certified – Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner




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