Taking Care of Yourself

October 25, 2011

Make a list of all the ways in which you treat yourself well;

i.e.   the things you like to do, the places you go just for you, the things you do that make you feel good, being with people that treat you with love and respect, achieve goals you’ve set for yourself, appreciate yourself….


Next write out a list of things that upset you;

i.e.  fear, illness, weight gain, hurt….


Write a list of the needs you have, in order to feel safe, physically healthy, feel good about yourself, happy and content.


What can you commit to doing for yourself this week?

(write it down where you will see it)

“This week I will _______________________ for myself.”  




Here’s my little list of needs ~ so you get the idea:

I need…

Love, Family, Unity, Peace and Freedom above all for all beings everywhere


I need….

Safety and Security in my home and Earth


I need …

a spiritual belief that we are One and that all is made of Love


I need …

fitness and fun – a good hard workout, sweat and muscle soreness


I need ….

relaxation, yoga, stretching and flexibility in my body and mind


I need ….

To be creative in some way shape or form

painting, creating fitness routines and classes

finding art I love on line


I need …

Nature, air, wind, water, trees and plants and to know I am connected to this amazing place


I need …

mental stimulation  for growth and personal development


I need…

amazing friends, who support me and challenge me


I need …

to be able to march to the beat of my own drum

be my own boss and make my own rules


I need …

good food and healthy choices for me and my family


This week I will .. get up early every day and do my home yoga practice.. for myself.


…. Try the exercise for yourself 🙂

Make the time for you.



11:11 Life Styling make time for you


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