Oh, but it’s cold outside — how to remain dedicated to your outdoor fitness regime and love it!

December 22, 2011

Exercising outdoors this winter?   No Problem…

Activity warms up your body, so exercising outdoors in the winter time isn’t a problem.  What can be a hazard though, is getting chilled after your workout, or staying out too long.   Beat the cold, and get fit with 11:11’s fit tips:

* Layer up, so you can add and subtract your clothing as you need to.

* Wear wool or moisture-wicking fabrics (luon) as your bottom layer, next to your skin, these fabrics can breathe and keep you warm even when you sweat.   Cotton will get wet and keep you damp, and synthetics fabrics don’t breathe, and keep your sweat on your skin, which cools your body quickly after exercise is complete.

11:11 Life Styling winter exercise tips

outdoor exercise tips for winter 11:11 life styling

* Wear a top layer that is wind-breaker material, for your warm up and cool down, to help keep your body heat in… you probably won’t want it for your actual workout, unless it’s raining out.

* A hat is good for the warm up and cool down portion, and you may or may not want it on for your workout.

* When it’s really cold cover your ears, and mouth and nose if possible.

* Gloves and/or mittens are beneficial, as well as good warm socks – wool is best, and water-proof shoes/boots.

* Drink water more often during your workout, since humidity is normally lower in the winter time.

* If out at night be sure to wear something reflective.

* Exercise with a friend or group when possible for extra safety.

* Watch for icy patches.

* If driving to your outdoor workout, keep an extra blanket in your car, to rest over your lap, for your ride home, so you don’t get as chilled.

* Change out of your wet clothing as quickly as possible.

Exercising in the winter months outdoors, feels different the first few times you do it, and it usually takes the body a week or more to adjust to the differences, so pace yourself, listen to and respect your fitness boundaries – be safe and have fun!

See you out there!

Alyssa Huntley



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