Holiday Nutrition Tips to keep you on track!

December 23, 2011


Choose Selectively What you want to Enjoy

Don’t completely avoid your favourite Christmas treat, or you may set yourself up for a binge later, or feeling deprived.  Instead choose mindfully what treats you might like, and what portion size you feel happy with, that will be satisfying and in line with your goals.   This mean not having a bit of everything, but choosing carefully what your favourite treat is, and enjoying in moderation and with mindfulness.


Make a Healthy Option to have on hand

When going to a holiday party or hosting Christmas dinner, take a healthy option to share with others.  Not only will you feel better about knowing you have a healthy option, but other health conscious friends and family will appreciate it too.

Water Water Water

Christmas is abundant with high-calorie drinks:  11:11 nutrition Christmas tipseggnog (and rum….yes that’s mine…), hot chocolate,  sweet apple cider and specialty coffees.   A little is okay (just like with healthy treats), choose in moderation what your treat will be and enjoy with awareness.  Balance your high calorie sippers, with plenty of water.   The general guideline for water consumption is 1 Litre for every 50 lbs of your body weight.

Eat Breakfast

Starting your day off with a healthy breakfast keeps you feeling satisfied, which lowers your chances of nibbling on Christmas goodies that are lying around.   Making time for your regular meals helps keep you on track and satisfied, so you make wiser decisions when faced with goodies.


Alyssa Huntley

11:11 Life Styling



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