Fantastic Job this Year – 11:11 fitness family and friends!

December 31, 2011

Dear 11:11 Fitness Friends and Family


What an amazing year this year has been – and what an AMAZING, OUTSTANDING & JAW-DROPPING performance you have put on.  Well done!  You were focused, determined and look at the payoff!


I feel so grateful and blessed to get to work with such a dedicated and hard working group of life-loving guys and gals! You truly bring joy into my daily life!  Thank you so much for being you, and choosing me to work with.


I have watched you train really hard this year, build strength, confidence and skill….make lasting friendships, support each other and push until you can’t push anymore…..and your results have been mind blowing.  We’ve had envyable weight loss,  inches lost and toning,  raving doctor health reviews, peolpe feeling/being healthier than they have ever been – and you are responsible for it all.  You are the ones that made it happen, and did the hard work (even in the snow and rain, and hot hot heat) and look at how great you look and feel for it!  Way to go – you are UNSTOPPABLE!


You ROCKED 2011!!

You CAN do anything!


With that in mind, I offer you a 2012 fitness and health challenge:

How could you raise the bar for yourslef?  and What might just happen if you did?…..


For example:

Could you attend one more bootcamp class a week, than you are now?

Could you add a yoga class to your routine to help create more balance?

What might a 1/2 hour monthly nutrition coaching call help you maintain?

…and just where will you be by the end of 2012 if you did add that extra class or get the nutrition coaching

… might you look, feel and act?


I’m so excited to be moving into 2012 with such a great group of fitness family and friends.

Hugs, blessings

…and unlimited gratitude,


Alyssa Huntley


 11:11 life Styling says thanks

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