Extra-Ordinary Vegan Halvah Smoothie

February 7, 2012

Made up this awesome smoothie today, and had to share!!! – It’s a little high calorie – but amazing for before a hard workout— and full of RAW LIVING foods – for vibrant and radient health!


Halvah is a Middle Eastern delicacy, made from sesame seeds.


In the blender combine:

2 TBSP raw soaked/semi sprouted (overnight or longer)  sesame seeds or sunflower seeds

2 TBSP MANUKA honey (honey harvested in New Zealand – from the tea tree plant — extremely healing)

2 bananas

2 cups almond milk or coconut milk – (organic)

2 TSP cinnamon

6 ice cubes from the freshest water supply you can find

Blend all together and enjoy—

serves 3 (well 2 adults and a kiddo)



~ Alyssa




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