Radical Raw!

February 21, 2012

Here’s the scoop on RAW foods, and why you want as much of them as you can in your diet and active lifestyle.

Raw foods are ALIVE!  They are rich in enzymes, and oxygen (wow), minerals, vitamins, folic acid essential oils, protein (yes – it’s true), natural colour like chlorophyll, and fresh active water,  that fills your body with amazing energy and health.

Foods that are cooked and processed are basically dead, and void of these life giving enzymes – causing digestion problems, fatigue, sleep problems, wrinkles, poor eye sight, hunger (and catabolism), mood swings and sluggish brain activity.  And often creates an overly acidic state in our body – which creates even more and more health problems.

An alkaline state in the body is optimal for our health.   I like  keep the list of alkaline foods on the side of my fridge, as a reminder and positive suggestion. (see link below)   A healthy diet should be 80% alkaline, 20% acidic foods – as their state in the body …..here’s the link:


So….what’s an enzyme?

Enzymes are in every living cell, plant, animal, and organism; they help in doing all the work from breathing, to blinking, and intense heavy lifting.  They help us digest properly, cleanse our body, heal ourselves and build strong muscle.  Without these enzymes (that die off in food heated over 118 F),  we suffer physically, emotionally and mentally.  We age faster, get more sluggish and loose our own ability to make our own enzymes.   Enzymes in RAW foods keep us vibrant , healthy, functioning properly and youthful.

Here’s some ideas to bring more raw foods into your life:

~ start your day out with a glass of water and a piece of fresh fruit

~ add some lemon to your water – here and there through out the day

~ make real juices (store bought ones are not alive)

~ pack some raw dried organic fruits, nuts and seeds for work.  (watch for brightly coloured dried fruits – coulour may be added)

~ eat seasonal – what fruits and veggies are around at this time of the year?  (If winter, what would have been stored, in the olden days, to eat through the winter)

~ juat eat something raw with each meal – salads, raw soups – gazpacho, smoothies

~ go for a variety of colour in your veg and fruit choices

~ use an avocado in place of butter on a sandwich or toast

~ serves greens rather than pasta or grains from time to time

~ raw breads from sprouted grains can be found at local health food stores (Ezekiel bread)

…have fun, experiment  …or keep it simple…

Remember your health and happiness is in your own hands, it’s created by the choices you make, the foods you eat, and the state of mind you choose to be in…..choose wisely




~ Alyssa Huntley




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