Tanya loves 11:11 – and we love her too

February 21, 2012


Being physically fit has never been a quality of mine.   I have been on and off the fitness wagon for many years (generally off the wagon.)   For me to motivate myself to get to the gym (or even onto the treadmill in the basement) was virtually impossible.

As a leap of faith…..I joined 11:11 fitness.   Alyssa is absolutely incredible.   She has inspired me through what she has achieved with her own physical fitness.   She stays in shape and lives a healthy but realistic lifestyle that I would love to emulate.

Her bootcamp is absolutely motivating.   Alyssa gives her full undivided attention and support to us for that hour.   Through the tough love, encouragement and friendship I have made with Alyssa, I have been able to achieve my goals.

Her classes have taught me self confidence, determination and a willingness to strive for what is just out of reach.   I have gotten into a routine that I look forward to every week and feel and see the benefits of.   I have already found in this short time that I feel stronger and healthier, both physically and mentally.   I have gained confidence and energy that allows me to give a lot more to my family.

I expected to have sore muscles, what I did not expect was how much fun I would have, the confidence I would feel, or the friendships that I would bring home.   I sincerely thank Alyssa for being a trainer and a friend.   I feel that I am on a path to being healthier.   I look forward to many more years together.


Tanya Lang


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