At home work out — or take it outdoors…

February 26, 2012

Hi friends and fitness lovers – here’s a routine you can do in your house with a few props – or take outside, and get creative.


– Warm up —

Skipping with or without a rope 5 minutes.


– Cardio workout — 

Intervals of skipping 25 rope turns fast, and suicide runs (the length of a room or a block or football field and back)  then a brief walking period to catch your breath  – – do as long as you can 2-4  times through.


Burpees 10 and jumping jacks 20 — 4 times — keep abdominals engaged.


Mountain climbers with hands on floor or bench/couch 1 -2 minutes   — Keep abdominals engaged, and long postural alignment.


(Repeat sequence if you like)


– Muscle strength —

Walking lunges the length of a room and back (2 times) or the length of a football field.  Caution that knee doesn’t go past the foot as you lunge with the front leg.


Push ups on a bench/couch or floor — go until fatigue…rest then do a second set until fatigue (track your progress) – Keep a keen awareness of your posture.


Step ups on a bench or stairs  25- – then into step up repeaters 25 (keep stepping up with one leg only tapping the foot to the bench and to the floor), aim for each side, 2 sets.  Ensure you get the full foot  planted on top f the box before coming up.


Hip raises/ bridging….take to next level by moving from a table top position, with one leg extended to the ceiling, rather than from resting with upper back on the floor.


Full body get up – get down — lie on you back, come to standing using as little help from your arms as possible – move with the right leg first 10 times, left leg first 10 times.


Full body sit and stand —  from standing come down to a low squat or right down onto a cushion or low step/bosu etc,  then come back to standing — go to fatigue…rest and do a second set.


V-outs — a v-sit that moves into extension of the body long, and contracts back up to close v-sit – go to fatigue – rest – do second set to fatigue.


Kneeling Opposition,  from all fours (hands and knees) draw abdominals in, and alternate lifting the opposite arm and leg simultaneously.


– Flexibility Training —


Stretch and lengthen all major muscles

– chest, back

– abs, back

– quads, hamstrings

– shin, calves


Have FUN!

If you have any questions please ask.


Alyssa 🙂


old fashioned fitness picture




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