WAY to GO 11:11 Boot-camp Ladies

March 4, 2012

WOW!  What a session the first of the new year was!

Our lovely ladies didn’t bat an eye – exercising outdoors in the ice, snow and slush…and those few wonderfully mild days.

In fact, not only did they not turn their nose up at the weather; they put their nose to the grindstone and got in there and went hard – and pushed their physical limits—to incredible heights!

This session we tracked a few exercises to watch our progress, and also took measurements along the way.

The tracking of exercises proved to be extremely self-motivating, and also brought about lots of cheering each other on and friendly competition….. Each lady at least doubled the amount of exercises they could do, from the first night out, to the end of our 2 month session!

A few to brag about:

Jump squats — from 21 the first night to 50, consecutively and in good form!

Push Ups — from starting at 33 women’s push ups — to 20 + men’s push-ups — to 11 men’s push ups with feet on a forza instability disk Wowee!

Chin up hold — 5 seconds to 25 seconds.

Burpees — from 8 to 19

….and that’s just taking an example from a few people’s sheets!

The inches lost were quite astounding too!

I’ve got to say WAY TO GO! to all of you!  Your strength, determination, spirit and heart, has blown me away!  I look forward to our next fitness session together and watching your amazing growth, and comradery.

You guys ROCK!

~ Alyssa11:11 life styling Alyssa Huntley fitness bootcamp


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