Savasana– deep relaxation from Yoga

March 6, 2012

Savasana (deep relaxation) is a pose that I use at the beginning and end of my yoga practice, and classes. It’s a simple pose that allows the body to deeply rest, and release.  give it a try when you have a moment in your day, to take a break and de-stress, or just to re-connect with yourself and what is truly important in your heart.

In this pose we focus on feeling the body’s connection to the ground and the support the Earth gives us. We are free to release our weight (physically and mentally) and let go of needing to do anything. As you rest, begin to focus your mind on your breath passively, noticing what it’s doing, where you feel it, and watching it as it is. Your mind may wander from time to time and that’s very normal, when you notice that it is, bring it back to your breath, without judgement.

This pose, as simple as it appears, can often be quite challenging. It can be an interesting task to quiet the mind and slow it’s chatter, and doing nothing can also be a challenge, when we are so used to moving about and being in a constant state of “doing”. It is also common that as you quiet, emotions may come to surface, and be ready to be released. The more you do this posture, the more you will find yourself being able to release tension, fears and resistance in your mind and body. It is a very powerful and transformative process.

Give it a try, holding the pose for as long as you like (try 5 -15 minutes)

Options for comfort:
* Place a folded blanket or pillow under your head.
* Bend your knees, and place your feet on the floor.
* Lie on the floor, with your lower legs (calves and feet) resting on the seat of a chair. (good for circulation and varicose veins)

Alyssa Huntley


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