Yoga Pose of the Day – Upavista Konasana

March 13, 2012

Upavista Konasana ~ Wide angle forward bend

Sitting comfortably, possibly with a blanket under your bottom for a little extra height, outstretch your legs so they are long in front of you. Your legs apart as far as they feel comfortable. Release and drop your weight into the ground…..If your hips feel strained, you can use your hands on the floor behind you, to help support your body. See about how it feels to breathe in and breathe out in this position….and consider exhaling and releasing your body down forward, exhale by exhale…..lowering and dropping calmly and smoothly. Your hands may like to come to the ground in front of your torso here, and add some support and guidance. Remain here, and feel your body’s sensations and your breath….If your knees feel uncomfortable you may like to roll a blanket up and place it under them, allowing them to bend slightly. Remain in the pose seeing how it feels to drop, and ground. When you feel ready, and in your own time, take a nice deep breath in, and on your exhale, slowly begin to roll your spine back up.

This posture is wonderful for calming the mind, stimulating the internal organs of the abdominal area and giving length to the back side of the body, back of legs and inner thigh.

Alyssa Huntley
11:11 Life Styling 


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