Yoga Pose of the day – revolved triangle pose

March 16, 2012

Revolved Triangle Pose

(You may like to have a block in place, a step ahead of you). Starting in mountain pose, breath in and breathe out with awareness. Take a short step forward, like you are going for a walk, with the right leg. Feet remain forward facing. On your exhale, turn to the right, raising your arms to shoulder height or slightly below. Drop and release into the pose, and breathe…. Keeping your weight, focused on your back leg (left), slowly as you exhale turn to the right, keeping your spine long. Exhale, and release the hips, bending the body forward, and allowing the left arm to lower down, and the right arm to lift up towards the ceiling, or rest on your back body. If you have a block available, you may wish to rest your lower hand upon it. Remain here a few breaths, and when you feel like you are complete in the pose, exhale, and return to standing.
Repeat on the other side.

Alyssa Huntley
11:11 Life Styling

11:11 Life styling yoga pose - revolved triangle

11:11 Life Styling - revolved triangle pose


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