Triangle pose – pose of the day

March 19, 2012

Triangle Pose:

(You may like to have a block in place, a step ahead of you).


Coming out of mountain pose, take a small step forward with the right leg. Breathe out, relax and then become aware of the connection of your feet to the ground.   Soften the front knee, and turn the knee outward slightly toward the baby toe side of the foot, keeping weight still in the toe ball joint, then gently release the leg back to a more straightened , but not locked position.   Slowly begin to bend forward from the hip, allowing for your spine to curve naturally, and for both arms to come down and forward.   Breathe in and breathe out, and let your body feel heavy.   (Triangle forward bend).   As you exhale begin twisting through your core towards the left side of the room.   The right arm may remain low, and see about how it feels to draw upward with the left arm.   Soften the head, neck and throat, and use a block if available and accommodating. Notice how your body feels and if your breathing changes.   The left arm may also rest on your back. Feel free to try both and explore what feels best for you in this moment.   Breathe in and out with awareness and drop and relax more into the ground.   Remain in the posture until it feels complete, then gently draw the arm back down and rotate the body back to forward triangle bend.   From forward triangle bend, ground the feet, and softly roll your spine up tall and released.   Take a step back so feet are parallel and take a few nice deep breaths noticing the sensations in your body.   (Back into mountain pose).   Repeat on the other side.


Namaste ~Alyssa Huntley 11:11 yoga


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