11:11 life styling – sleep and weightloss

March 21, 2012

11:11 life styling - sleep and weightloss

Want to learn the number 1 tip for successful weight-loss that you probably never would have guessed?….


Getting enough sleep, keeps you body calm — and let’s you de-stress
It’s stress that’s the bIG culprit in weight gain and keeping it on. In fact, the hormone cortisol (from stress) is what makes people hold onto weight around their mid section.

Most of us don’t get enough rest, and this puts us in an already stressed state when we awake and set off to work in the morning -(which we all know can be full of stresses).

Here’s a sleep questionnaire I use to help people regulate their rest – and their body weight.
Answer the questions honestly, and then implement 1-2 changes in your patterns for the next week or two and see how it affects your weight loss results and your over all well being.

1) Do you sleep less than 7 hours a night?
2) Do you go to bed after 11:00pm?
3) Do you need an alarm to wake up?
4) Do you have any lights on in your room when you sleep or near?
5) Do you drink any caffinated drinks after noon?
6) Do you wake in the night?
7) Do you sleep near any electronic devices?
 Do you drink any alcohol with or after dinner?
9) Is your bedroom messy?
10) Do you need sleep medication?
11) Do you exercise less than 2 days a week?
12) Does your sleep schedule vary from night to night?
13) Do you sleep with your head in any other direction than north?

Any questions you answered YES to, is a signal of poor sleeping. See if you can make gradual changes to your routine.
It’s pretty simple and will maqke a big difference in your weight loss and health goals.

Yours in health and fitness
Alyssa Huntley
11:11 Life Styling


sleep and weight loss link — 11:11 life styling blog 2012


One Response to “11:11 life styling – sleep and weightloss”

  1. wartica Says:

    I agree ; sleep is very essential to be able to function – on any level !

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