making fitness fun — and skipping for fitness

March 22, 2012

Fit tip 2:

Make exercise FUN!
First and foremost, if your going to stick with a fitness and exercise regime it’s got to be something you truly enjoy and get satisfaction from doing. Exercise needs to come from a place of joy and self love – rather than being something you do to punish yourself.

To identify what activities you may enjoy – start making a list:
– current physical activities, sports and games you enjoy
– and physical activity you enjoyed as a child
– and physical activities you aspire to do — i.e rock climbing, scuba diving, completing a marathon, etc.

Then start trying them out, and see what makes you smile and feel good about yourself.

An exercise I’ve started incorporating in to my fitness regime – that I loved a s a kid and still find fun, that is also a killer workout, is skipping. I find it adds diversity, intensity and creativity to my workout.
A few tid-bits about jump-rope:
* It’s a form of plyometric exercise, that develops explosive reactive power, aerobic and anaerobic capacity (working without oxygen)
* And all jump rope styles produce less force on the body as compared to slow and fast running.
* Helps build bone density
* Develops speed, coordination, agility, timing, rhythm and body awareness.

The basics for skipping are as follows:
– body aligned, head and spine neutral
– arms hang naturally with elbows at your side
– elbows in, shoulders relaxed
– palms slightly upward and forwards with a relaxed grip
– jump just the height for the rope to pass under your feet – for a basic skip.
-ankles and knees stay soft (slightly bent)
– jump landing – toe to ball of foot.

Go for basic skipping to begin, alternating feet or jumping both feet, then play around with
* a boxer shuffle
* jump with a knee lift, or kick forward or heel dig
* cross-over feet and or cross-over arms
* jumping jack slow and fast
* skiing motion
* double rotation
and play…make it fun and creative!


3 Responses to “making fitness fun — and skipping for fitness”

  1. bearrunner Says:

    I have never tried skipping, have to give it a try!


  2. sweetopiagirl Says:

    Reblogged this on Inspiredweightloss.

  3. Skipping is a great cardio exercise and would be great to incorporate into any circuit training. Try using a weighted jump rope to crank it up a notch.

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