awakening the third eye — ajna chakra

March 26, 2012

The Ajna Chakra

Within Eastern Spiritual world, the 6th chakra is the 3rd eye, the energy centre in the body that interconnects the mind and the psyche, it is located on our body between the brow bones in the centre of the forehead.   This coming together of mind and psyche, leads to intuition and and deep wisdom.

The name “Ajna” means to perceive or to know.  When we are open to the natural energy flow of our third eye we begin to see and know things often without evidence or rational.  We are all aware of this natural ability when we get hunches, or a stong feeling without real reason… this is the ajna chakra working in harmony, and essentially turning on a light for us to see clearly.

6th chakra – ajna (11:11 life styling blog March 2012)

How to know if your in balance:

When a person’s 6th chakra is spinning slowly or blocked, a person may begin to feel fearful of success, un-disciplined, or set their goals too low.   It may result in nightmares, headaches,  learning difficulties and neurological difficulties.  When sluggish it can also make us unwilling to look inside ourselves and face what it is we fear in ourselves, and fear the future, thus keep living in the past, or procrastinate moving forwards.

Arrogance and authoritarian are a sign that perhaps the ajna chakra is spinning too quickly.

A balance chakra maintains balance and spins at a proper vibration and frequency… when a person is in balance here, they are intuitive, inspired, creative, have emotional intelligence and deep wisdom.

frozen water – tuned to the energy and sound of the ajna chakra (11:11 life styling blog March 2012)

Here are a few questions you can go through, for self awareness:

1) Do you notice, or have any negative patterns that continue to surface in your relationships with family, friends and colleagues?

2) What thoughts do you have, that leave you feeling powerless?

3) What beliefs and attitudes, within yourself would you like to shift or change?  Are you willing to make a change or shift?

4) How do you feel and respond to to thinking about your life deeply?

5) Do you feel fearful or apprehensive of change in your life that may occur, should you choose to truly listen and follow your intuition?

6) Can you see the divinity in all things and people?

7) Can you see the beauty,  magnificence and divinity within yourself?

To balance your ajna chakra (third eye),  try some of these ideas:

* Wear the colour deep blue, indigo or purple.

* Before bed each night list 3 beautiful things you are grateful for today.

* Smile at yourself in the mirror.

* Tell someone how much you love them.

* Write a “Silver lining journal” of all the things that turned out better than you expected.

* Make a dream board of all the thing you would like to do and achieve.

* Hire a life coach, and move in the direction of your dreams.

* Create art.

* Take up meditation or yoga.

* Visualize succeeding at the things you want in life.

* Begin to see Divinity in everything and everyone.

* Begin to let go of harsh judgement of others and yourself.

* Find the beauty in your mistakes, learn from them and let them go, know they were in your life for a reason.

* Let yourself daydream and imagine.  Play make-believe with a child.

Purple Fluorite and silver mala for the ajna chakra/ third eye mala bracelet – 11:11 life styling $30.00 (made by yogis and blessed by monks)

* Trust your feelings and intuition (gut responses and hunches).

* Know that the answer to all of your life’s questions lie within yourself.

* Love yourself exactly as you are.

Peace – love – namaste

Alyssa Huntley

11:11 Life styling

FIS (fitness instructor), NWS (nutrition and wellness), PTS (personal trainer), Life Coach, NLP “change therapy”, Yoga and Iridology.

Suglite Charoite necklace mala for meditation and awakening of the third eye – 11:11 Life styling $75.00 made by yogis and blessed by monks.

amethyst balance incense (my very favourite…) $6.00 box of 40 premium incense sticks – a silky blend of sandalwood and cinnamon – perfect for meditation, yoga and mindfullness.


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  1. Nicki Dedes Says:

    An inspiring post Alyssa! The selected images really speak to your intent. Thanks so much!

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