being mindful of discomfort and our responses — a yogic view on escape

March 29, 2012

Thought provoking class tonight with my yoga gals…

We took some time to think about how we respond physically and mentally to discomfort (wether large scale or small scale) – often we’ll have a physical movement we go to as a type of escape (I know for me personally I’ll pull at my eyelash) other common small physical diversions might be to scratch a place that isn’t really itchy, or move your hair, pick at your hands, straighten your shirt…etc. Each of these movements are in a way taking our attention away from what it is that’s making us uncomfortable.
We spent time being mindful tonight, and sitting with those feelings, rather than pushing them away, when the feeling of discomfort came up. We’re not looking to change what we do or criticize it – just to notice it….
We can begin to realize that by these little adjustments, or sometimes big adjustments, that we’re moving away from something we don’t want to experience…and something that we never get to experience because we so quickly react.

Home practice:
Touch upon being mindful of whatever it is, that you normally quickly move away from (situations or feelings that are not pleasing to you — start with something small) and take the time to be truly in yourselves, without pushing away from whatever arises.



~ Alyssa Huntley
11:11 Life Styling  mindfulness yoga


3 Responses to “being mindful of discomfort and our responses — a yogic view on escape”

  1. Nicki Dedes Says:

    Insightful, deeply!
    Thanks for the awareness.

  2. katsmama Says:

    wow- this is interesting. I tend to play with my necklace, or pop my toe knuckles. I have been practicing being mindful of not crossing my legs for the past week or so, to see if I that’s what’s aggravating my back. It is so hard, to look at myself, uncross my legs and sit up.

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