at home workout for all abilities (and please do modify where necessary)

April 2, 2012

Hi fitness friends, family and followers, I though  I would write up a little at home workout you can do on the nights between fitness classes, and the days you just can’t make it to the gym/class but want to get something in…welll here you go.

Do some form of cardio-vascular activity for 30 – 40 minutes –– aim for something you enjoy and look forward to doing.  It may be as simple as a leisurely walk with a pal or pet.  Or maybe something more intense like a run or interval running, or perhaps some step ups on your stairs at home to some music and getting a bit funky and creative – i.e knee lifts, glute squeezes, or some jacks thrown in – and of course hip wiggles for some of you sassy folk (yeah you gals know who you are!!)

Next do some squats, work up to 3 sets of 8-12 depending on your personal capacity (and start smaller if you need to, or go for more if you can!!.)    Pointers with squats, feet hip distance apart, knees don’t come past the toes when you lower – aka bum pushes out behind you, keep the weight in the heels of your feet, keep the knees pointing forward, not inward or out to the sides – and the lower you go the more challenging it feels…plus – hold in your abs, and tighten your bottom to maximize the move.

Then move in to some push-ups, they can be done on the wall, the floor with your bum up from the knees, from the knees in a plank type position or from the feet.  Aim for 3 sets of 8-12 (or more or less as your capacity dictates.)

To work the back, come down on to all 4’s, hands and knees (may want a blanket or towel folded up under knees and even wrists if they feel tight or sore), Table top opposition – aka opposite arm leg extensions.   Breathe naturally, engage the core and extend out long, your opposite arm and leg – so that they are in-line with the length of your body.  You can lift and lower changing sides each time, or try a few with one set of opposites, and then a few on the other set of opposites (hope that’s not too confusing…anyhow if you end up doing same side leg and arm, that’s totally fine and also beneficial – so no worries).  See how your back feels with the movements, keeping the abs engaged, and try 3 sets of 8-12

And do some gentle stretching to finish up – for the legs (front and back), upper body (chest and back), a few twisting stretches for the spine, and any other area that feels tight or in need of release (ie after a run or jumping jacks – you might want a calf stretch or shin stretch…message me if you have questions)

This workout, is not meant to be fancy or super creative, it’s just out here to provide you with something fairly easy to follow, for the days when you need a little program to do at home.

Take good care – and have fun with it.


~ Alyssa


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