cow’s head arms — yoga posture for today

April 11, 2012

Cow’s Head Pose – arms

Let’s try cow’s head arms, if you have a strap near by, you may want to use it. Come into a comfortable sitting position any way you like, feel yourself grounding into the Earth, and take some nice breaths, letting your weight sink down into your pelvis, and letting the spine release.

Holding the strap in your right arm, lengthen your arm up above your head and go for a little stretch, wiggling your fingers long if you like.

Next bend at your right elbow, bringing your fore-arm and hand down behind your shoulder, your elbow will be pointing upward, and the upper arm is close to your head, with your shoulder relaxed. Imagine as if you were going for a little scratch on your back, and see about walking your fingers down a wee bit lower, and then releasing any tension in your arm, and keeping it there, where it lands relaxed. The strap should be dangling down from your right hand behind your body.

For our left arm, begin to do a breast-stroke type swimming motion, taking the arm out from the front of your body (breast bone) and all the way long to the front, side and back, in a gliding sweeping motion… try it a few times, beginning the motion from the very center of your chest. Take the left arm around your body in the same sweeping motion, and then bend at the elbow and take your left hand around your back body, taking hold of the strap and gently walking your fingers up the strap, as you breathe and drop.

Let your arms both relax and allow the weight of them to assist you in the stretch. Be curious about your spine, and see how it’s feeling, could it relax a bit more? … Breathe in and out, and keep your focus on the breath, releasing out of the pose when it feels complete.

Roll out your shoulders and wrists, and move your upper back.

Give it a try on the opposite side. You may wish to do the posture a few times on each side.


Alyssa Huntley



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