Beautiful Heart Felt Note of Gratitude from Deb Reeves

April 13, 2012

Alyssa, all I can do is say thank you.  
For many years I have always wanted to join a yoga class as I believe in its teachings.   Last session was a thorough eye opener for me. you are an amazing teacher and guide.   Your calm and gentle direction makes me want to go further and further.   I have read several books by Deeprak and have always had these ultimate inner beliefs.   I always applied them to others and not myself. I have finally learned to listen to my body and believe who I have always thought who I am (does that make sense?)   My heart is always open and accept others for who they are, but I never accepted myself for who I am.
Today in the first class of our new session I had a revelation…I know that I am a wonderful, strong, caring person however today I felt my whole body opening up and realizing truly realizing that I love myself and that anything that gets in the way of that is not important nor does it override my thoughts about myself.
Thank you so very much and you are the one who guided me in this direction.
You are truly a wonderful guide and teacher to bring this out of me, as it was hidden behind many other things.
Thank you and I will see you at the next class!
Deb Reeves

One Response to “Beautiful Heart Felt Note of Gratitude from Deb Reeves”

  1. alyssaeleven Says:

    Thanks Deb — all the beauty is within you, and you have been your own guide all along. So glad we have met, love having you in class and as a friend. Big hugs!

    the light in me, sees the light in you, we are one.


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