Take a Deep Breath and Relax……..

April 17, 2012

Here are some lovely yogic breathing exercises, they aid in bringing peace of mind, awareness and releasing tension.




1.) Extended Exhalation (Regular breathing – with awareness)  Come into a position of sitting where you feel comfortable and grounded into your pelvis…..You may like to sit on a bolster, or up against the wall for support…… Close your eyes, if you like, and watch your breath moving in and out of your body naturally. Take a moment to really watch your breath and feel your body being breathed….. Start to let your body weight drop down into your pelvis and feel your connection to the Earth….continue watching your breathe, and allowing it to flow through you….If your mind begins to wander, that’s completely normal, just when you notice that it is, bring your focus back to your breath without any judgment. ….Allow your shoulders and arms to relax and notice your back and spine supporting you and see about releasing any tension it may be holding. Let’s stay here a few moments and just breathe, relax, feel, watch and allow….our breath to be as it is…..


(Extended Exhalation) Staying relaxed with your breathing, begin to explore what it might be like to extend you exhalation or out breath, every 4th breath……..(this is Esther Myers style). … On your breaths between relax and let them be as natural as possible. As you extend your exhale, you may begin to notice that your belly draws back a little more at the end of the breath…….if you notice that you are in real need of air or almost gasping for air, on the following inhale, see about maybe lessening the duration or dept a wee bit, so it feels a little more natural and smooth…take some time with it, it might be a whole new feeling, so “feel it” and see what works well for you…In time see about finding an inhale breathe, following the extended exhale, that is natural and smooth, …it may possibly be lengthened as well…see what happens. Stay here a bit, with your breathing, and then when you feel ready to come back to natural breathing … and stay with it for a bit letting the breath practice’s effects sink in….See what you feel……. How do you feel? …and what do you or did you notice? …. There may be a feeling of overall balance in your body, greater awareness and clarity of thought, revitalized energy, moving fresh oxygen into your muscles, organs and cells, and may even help enhance mood , sleep and memory.



Alyssa Huntley


One Response to “Take a Deep Breath and Relax……..”

  1. Thank you for sharing…I have missed my yoga practice, and my yoga breathing.

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