Iridology – is it right for you?

April 26, 2012

Iridology is an amazing map to health and vitality.

What Iridology is, is looking at the eye like you would a foot for reflexology points…the areas in the eye, correspond directly to areas in the body, organs, skin, vertebrae and more. By the colour and markings in the iris (eye) the practitioner can see and identify where you may be weakened or have chronic or acute symptoms – even before they progress to real health issues. Iridology is unique and beneficial, because it’s one of the few tools we can use to see a problem before it occurs, and thus is very effective as PREVENTATIVE medicine.

Iridology focuses on the accurate assessment of personal health challenges. It is a wonderfully compliment to yoga, physical fitness, nutrition, and life coaching (NLP therapy) which aim at restoring the strength and vitality in mind, body and spirit.

Alyssa now offers iridology sessions, to help you gain further insights into your health and well-being. With these sessions, you learn where your body can use a little extra care. Alyssa then offers suggestions of nutritional changes you can implement, home exercises and breathing and stretching exercises. There is also options for working with blocked emotions, and opening energy centers in the body.

A brief history of Iridology:

The iris – eye shows every organ within it. The iridology chart or map itself, was first developed in the 1800’s.

What can I expect:

Alyssa will first do a client history with you, asking and recording details about your health and well-being.

Then she will look at each eye one at a time with a magnifying glass – and recording her findings on an eye chart. She then may take photo images of your eyes, to enlarge and look at on screen (after the session) – to see finer details.

The two of you can then go over some of the findings, and discuss past history further, go over suggestions on how to elevate health in the primary areas of focus. And create a plan for moving forwards.

Once your face to face session has completed, about an hour, Alyssa will bring up your iris images on her computer and do a further analysis, then email you the information found from the session and her closer analysis, plus any new ideas, and suggestions that can benefit your health.

$60.00 per hour session

Alyssa Huntley


(certified through the Canadian Academy of Iridology and Herbology)


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  1. I find this very fascinating!

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