Smart goals…

May 4, 2012


Goal Setting

SMART is an acronym that is useful when goal setting, it slightly overlaps the Well Formed Outcome model, and is often used solely on it’s own. The benefit of SMART goal setting is that it’s relatively easy to remember and quick to go over. Here’s what each letter stands for; plus some NLP and coaching questions to really help you make the most of each aspect.


 How specific is my goal?

 How can I be even more particular and to the point when setting up my goal?

 Can I hone in even more to what’s important about my goal?

 What do I really, really want?

 What will that do for me?


How will I measure my results?

How will I know when I’m there?

How am I going to track my success?


 Can I truly attain this goal?

 Is this goal doable for me and by me?

 Do I believe I can have this outcome?


 Is this a reality based goal?

 How realistic is this goal really?


 What time line do I give myself for attaining this goal?

 At what intervals will I check my progress?

The SMART goal setting process is a good place to start when you are thinking of a goal, it lays the ground work, and establishes some of the basics.   It’s strongly recommended to do both the Well Formed Outcome model and the SMART model when setting out a  serious goal for yourself. While it may seem slightly redundant, the clearer you can set your goal and the more real it becomes in your mind the easier it will be to attain it.

YOU CAN do it!

Alyssa Huntley

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