More entries and great recipes for our draw :)

May 9, 2012

Charlene Vanderburg sent us in this fab recipe…yum yum!

Raw Brownie Recipe:

2 c almonds (soaked and dehydrated)

3/4 c coconut nectar

1/2 c cacao powder

1/4 c coconut butter

1/2 t vanilla extract

1/2 t Celtic Sea salt


1/4 c coconut butter

1/4 c cacao powder

1/4 c Grade B maple syrup


In a food processor, process almonds into flour. Add cacao powder and salt, process, then add remaining ingredients. Roll about a half cup in a ball and press into a small bowl or other small dish. Refrigerate while you make the icing.

Most likely you will need to warm the coconut butter in the dehydrator until it liquifies. Then combine all ingredients in a food processor. Pour over brownie cups and refrigerate until icing hardens : ) Enjoy!

— with Charlene Vanderburg and 11:11 Life Styling.


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