A fun and quirky Bio ~ fill in the blank style

May 22, 2012

Name:  Alyssa Jane Huntley (born MacDonald)

Nick name:  Lis (my husband Nathan calls me)

AKA around the house:  Baby Wolf (my daughter’s favourite game we play – she’s mamma wolf and I’m the CRAZY and troublesome baby wolf)

Age: 31

Height:  5 feet, 5-6 inches (?)

Hair: dark brown, and kindly cut and trimmed by my husband – thanks babs!

Eyes:  green, grey, brown, hazel …  non-descript

Theme Song:  changes day to day….I think

Style Icon:  oh my, how to choose, I love early Lenny Kravitz, when he was wild and fun….. and I love surfer girls and beach girls, I love boho girls, gypsies, hippies, earth mamma’s (though not the type in mumu’s) — creative types like Gaga blow my mind, I’m completely fascinated – I adore fashion…yet dress pretty plain

Ultimate Joys:  Time with Nathan and Leah!!!!!,  napping, time with friends, fitness, yoga, teaching,  swimming, dancing, being alone in nature and being with family in nature, walks with family, drawing, painting, being creative – being outdoors!

Proudest Moments:  Meeting Nathan, then dating him, then marrying him, and having Leah – being her mom, and getting to spend every day & night with the two people I adore most in this life and who make my heart sing.

Lowest Slump:  Ouch – that’s a hard one to admit to…eating disorder, cutting, and distancing self from others

Brag Worthy Accolade:  Certified in many, many health and wellness fields, started the alternative and preventative health journey at 18 – beginning with certification as an iridologist and herbalist, and then into fitness instruction, nutrition and wellness, personal training, life coaching, neuro-linguistic programming and now into yoga teacher training….what’ll be next?  (Truthfully I love where I am right now)

Arch Nemesis:  My own mind, perception and self doubt (but I love me anyways)

Arch Angel: Nathan:  he’s my “wonder-wall” — certainly saved me many times –xo, and Leah: I’m a better person because she’s in my life………also, I can never forget, a girl whom I barley knew in life, but who  saved mine, and I am ever grateful Miss Regan Casey ~ love and gratitude always and forever ~ thank you so deeply.

Ultimate Quote:  Whatever path you choose, lead with your heart

Power Chakra:  heart (so I’ve been told)

Totem Animal:  Well the last time I had a totem animal, it was a horse, I randomly picked up on a rock,  many years back at a seminar with a motivational speaker.  Apparently it means freedom, adventure, friendship, loyalty  and power. … And movement like the wind, overcoming obstacles.  (I bet they say this in almost every totem…not a huge believer)

Words to shout at the top of my lungs:  Love…. Love….. Love……



One Response to “A fun and quirky Bio ~ fill in the blank style”

  1. xoxo you rock, you are brave and kind and candid…a great role model and picture of health ,strength and love..great bio!!!

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