Living in the light ~ meditation

July 4, 2012

Sit or lie down comfortably, relax and close your eyes.  Take  a few nice deep breaths.   As you exhale imagine that you are letting go of everything that you no longer need, or want.  Easily, and without effort, let your worries, pains, and tensions melt away….all things that hold you back, or keep you from achieveing your goals, release from your body and mind with every breath…..

Every time you breath, more is released, and you crete space for something new.

Spend some time here……..

Then begin to feel you inhalation… as you inhale feel new positive energy filling your being.   It is the energy of the Universe….the energy that you feel you need and desire… breathe it in with love.. and feel your body opening up, filling you with aliveness, and energy.

Feel the moment, feel your body, notice the sensations that you have right here  and right now, and savor it….be it, feel it as the present.

When you feel complete, go back to feeling you breath as you inhale and exhale, and let the thoughts go…..

Open your eyes when you are ready, taking this energy with you into your daily life.

Namaste ~



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