Why? What’s our real motivation?

July 19, 2012

I’ve been doing a lot of studying lately on yoga philosophy and spirituality….  and it’s got me wondering some of the big “Whys”? in life….

There are obviously the Big Why questions….but also some of the smaller day to day Why’s, that have to do with my lifestyle and occupation.

For example, in reading the Yoga Sutra’s by Patanjali, the text is about purifying the body, heart, mind and then God Realization….. and it has me wondering what is the real motivation behind health and nutrition and personal fitness?  

Is it mostly ego driven – to look great and feel great, or is there a hidden motivation that is perhaps much deeper, that maybe we’re not even consciously aware of…?

Are we purifying ourselves in fitness and health, to become enlightened?  We naturally and instinctively know that when we eat healthy and exercise that we feel better – our mood lifts, we have more pure energy and are generally happier and more carefree… These are signs of purification, of detoxing…they are steps to finding our True Nature.  As our body cleans and clears, we can better listen to our heart, our mind can also begin to de-clutter, quiet and truly hear and be present….we can more readily focus and calm and find inner peace….  It’s an interesting thought…..  And personally I think it like it, it has more depth and meaning than just wanting to be fit, firm and look cute.


…For me personally in teaching fitness and nutrition, I’ve had a strong duality within – people are coming to loose weight, and so that’s what I do with them, help them reach their goals…but inside, that’s never been my dream.  I got into fitness and nutrition because I wanted people to love their body’s and enjoy being active, and do so in a healthy and fun way.  After suffering from an eating disorder, weight obsession, and body dismorphic disorder…. the last thing I wanted to do was promote “weight loss” – because to me personally it has been linked to so much pain, both physically and mentally.  I just wanted people to enjoy their body and get active…..so it’s kind of been a strange journey for me, and sets me apart from so many other instructors and trainers, who are very hard core into “loosing weight”.

Anyhow, with looking at fitness, nutrition and health with the possibility of Self Realization, purity and enlightenment, it gives me new hope…..maybe, just maybe, I’ve been unknowingly on the right track the whole time ❤


~ AlyssaImage




2 Responses to “Why? What’s our real motivation?”

  1. iAMincharge Says:

    What a brilliant statement. I love being healthy and fit along with the physical benefits of working out. But when I really think about it, my root reason for working out is that enjoy being active and moving so much more than I enjoy sitting.

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