Simplicity Health and Wellness

July 29, 2012

If you are trying to live a healthy and balance life in these often chaotic times…Simplicity may be the element you are missing–

Ground, center, go back to your roots and what’s most important in life.  Let me explain how….

Over the next few weeks I’ll be blogging about simplifying life, slowing down, being mindful and creating space to be healthy and well.

It’s a blend of yogic thinking, simplicity parenting, nutrition, life coaching and active living – a blend of all the things i’ve learned over my career thus far in the health & wellness fields and in life itself….

As I write, the focus will be on well-being and health, but feel free to change up the Goal to whatever fits your personal criteria.

Please enjoy and take some time to comtemplate the words ideas and thought that are here — please also share your ideas, your journey, this can be as interactive as you wish.


Let’s begin with a simple question:

What do you need to move forward in a way that lives out your hopes and dreams, for your health and well-being?

(Take time — write down and think about your answer — there’s no use just reading the question and not doing the work)

Sometime we have dreams that are very much alive, and yet we do not live in accordance with them…  sometimes it can even be painful to see the distance that lies between our actual reality and life and what our dreams are.

Would you like to be able to re-align your present reality with your dreams for health and wellness?

Begin firstly, by identifying where you are right now today…. and where you are in your dreams – how does it differ (write it down)

And what would make it better?

…….Think on it here for today…and in the next few days we’ll take it a step further…identification and acknowledgement, honesty and openness are essential to lasting and heartfelt change.


Alyssa11:11 Life styling - simplicity


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