Simplicity Health & Wellness – (2)

July 30, 2012

Hi guys,

Hope you had a chance to sit and think and write down your answers to the last questions, BEFORE moving onto today’s blog.  As I’m sure you know, we can read all the right books, have all the amazing resources we need at our finger tips…but if we don’t do the work ourselves, or utilize them in the right way, they’re really not all that helpful…their just theory.    So, if you want this new plan to work for you, please do your part.

Yesterday, I wrote a little about looking at what your dreams and goals are, in terms of health and wellness; and also , seeing clearly and honestly where we are right now…and the difference between where we are today, and our vision.  (If you haven’t yet – please go back and answer the questions – the more you put into it..the more you will get out of it…sometime’s it’s not easy…but it is beneficial).

So, we begin today, with acknowledging our concerns and worries…  What are they?  Take a moment to give them a voice, and maybe write them down.  When we can be clear and see our concerns as they are, we create a clarity, an openness and honesty with ourselves, and we can stop hiding, making excuses and blaming others ~~ this is a step to simplifying — truth telling.  Truth with ourselves.  When we are truthful, we can drop our fears, and become open, free and simple, because there is nothing to run from or hide from.

Then, take a moment, and look at the areas in your life that are aligned with your best intentions.  Maybe jot them down and give them vocalization and attention.    Taking that a step further;  What is it that makes these areas work?  Write down the reasons behind their flow, again with honesty and clarity.

So today, as a wrap up:  we have taken some steps to mentally clear and simplify ~ what starts in the mind, can then translate into our body.

~ Alyssa



2 Responses to “Simplicity Health & Wellness – (2)”

  1. Bernard Letts Says:

    Health is of course very important. WE really want to live a life that is of very high quality. ;,:’.

    Warmest regards

  2. alyssaeleven Says:

    thanks for the feedback — I think personally (and this is only my own values) that health leads to quality of life… I want to be able to dance, run, play, be active, have time with my family, have energy, create moments of joy, know that my body and mind are able and ready for anything….to me that plays into quality of living .. so nutrition is a part of my overall quality of living because I want to fuel myself with the most vital and alive foods that nature has to offer – it allows for opportunity….

    what are your thoughts…I’d love to hear them — in your words what’s the difference between “health” and “quality” in life..and how do they interplay together?
    (like i say, mine’s only a personal opinion…so it doesn’t necessarily mean I’m right)

    Please share 🙂

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