Simplicity Health and Wellness (3)

August 1, 2012

Today we look at our goals again;

Begin by knowing what is important.  (What is important?)

Then take a look at what is doable.  (What is doable?)

Then start with what’s doable; and when we do enough of what’s doable — we make it to what’s important.  Not only do we make it to what’s important, but we do so with heightened motivation, positivity and kindness to ourself.   The way to a bigger change is through doable and realistic steps.


Next, step into your mental vision of yourself as you are once having your goal achieved (the future you, if you will)…..take some time, and truly envision that you are there – the sights, smells, flavours, sounds and sensations in the body.  Then, staying in that mind frame begin to look back, at the steps you took to get there; you may be able to mentally see a time line of your actions; the doable steps; and the results over time.   …..I’ll get into giving you steps, in the next blog….but here, see what your mind comes up with – and how you see it happening.  Since we know our own life best, we truly are our best experts, for example what’s doable for one person ( for example, getting up at 5:30 am to exercise) may be totally un-doable or just unwanted by another…and that’s totally okay – that’s why we find what is doable for us, and fits our goals and our true happiness.

This 11:11 simplicity program is not about doing things we hate or despise to get our goal… that would be unkind to ourself and a dis-service to our being and to our heart (it unconsciously tells us we must punish ourselves to get what we want…and that’s just simply not the case) — We must love ourselves and honour ourselves for lasting change and true happiness, because all in all, our goals probably come down to some element of being happy, content and feeling good about ourselves, so the process should be a part of that… not a means to an end.


Enjoy these little fruits of wisdom…. try the time-line idea, and jotting down some of the steps that you come up with.


~ love and light, Alyssa

11:11 Life Styling


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