simplicity – start with environment (4)

August 9, 2012

Once you have set out your goals, know what is doable, envisioned success and personal steps to success … we can start in with our Simplicity Plan.

The initial step that we can take action on – rather than just ponder and find understanding of; is simplifying our environment.

You may wish to begin in the area of your environment, that can make big changes in your health and wellness – this I would say, is the kitchen.    To start the simplifying process, begin by looking around your kitchen at what you see, and noticing how you generally feel when you walk into your kitchen.  Is is calm, peaceful and tidy, or maybe full, messy, a little chaotic….  then using your intuition, or basic senses, see what right off the bat you can change, to simplify (start with maybe 10 things…and go ahead and go further if you wish).  Then perhaps wait a bit and come back in the kitchen, how do you feel?  Any different?  A little less stressed?  Maybe simplify further…..

Notice what foods are readily available and in sight?  Do you have out a fruit bowl?  Is that something you want out?

Do you have out a toaster or coffee maker?  Is that something you want out?

What will cue you to make the right choices with the minimal effort?  (Get rid of or put away what cues you astray from your goals)

Then maybe look at the art in your kitchen?  Does it emulate the feeling you want?  Does it signify your goals?  Does it make you feel good?  do you wish to change it?

After the overall appearance of the kitchen is simplified (and you can take this as far as you like) – see how it feels to open the fridge….what pops out at you (hopefully not literally) – what are the first foods, beverages, etc, that catch your eye?   Are they the one’s that honour your body and mind?…. if not, can you toss them or donate them?  Close your eyes and imagine how the fridge belonging to the future “healthy and vital you” would look, does yours resemble it right now?  Make the needed changes.  Toss the packaged stuff, the stuff with more than 3-4 ingredients, and stick to as whole and as fresh and as REAL as you can get.  If you can’t pronounce what’s in it – get rid of it… unless it’s an unusual fruit or something (Quince, Kiwano, Pitaya, Durian…these are some fun fruits to try).

What we’re looking to do here is simplify, lessen the choices, lessen the stresses, maybe even lessen the overall amount (if you tend to be a worrier that things may go bad).

Stick to natural real foods, some natural herbs and spices.  You may also wish to keep a few of your all time favourite things in the house – that you truly, truly enjoy – and the rest can seriously go.   This helps so you don’t feel deprived.  And so you can still feel balanced and enjoy life!  If it’s about true happiness, then find a way to make the things you truly love stay, and the other so-so or kind of okay things that aren’t great go.

Things to add to your kitchen are:

-fresh fruits and vegetables…get exotic even

-fresh grown herbs…or better yet – grow your own and create some life in your kitchen or backyard garden

-sprouts (again you can grow your own), nuts, seeds, legumes (sprouted and alive)

It’s also wise to clean out the cupboards, for example – you have a deep fat fryer — curb it.  Or maybe just a million pots and pans, why not save your few faves, and donate the rest — clear and make space.    And if you want something fun to add, maybe get a juicer, or new knife set, sprouting jars…etc… something that motivates and inspires your healthy life changes.

Make space, allow for space, clear and un-clutter … when you do this to your physical environment and food you put in your body, your physical body and mind will also clear and de-clutter — you get rid of what you don’t need (think excess weight, toxins… and negative, overwhelming, out of control feelings).   And you make space for calm, enjoyment, gratification, positivity, peace, health and vitality.

You can take this idea and begin to go room by room – or heaven…to your job or desk.  The shift is not just physical tidying up, it’s a conscious change towards a health centered flowing life.  The reason this philosophy works, is that often we live by our senses, we see something and we want to touch it, we want to smell it, to taste it, to experience it; it’s natural; but when life is cluttered with too much stuff…or the wrong stuff, we go into overwhelm, there’s too much stimulation, and we can turn off, we loose focus… they take our time and attention, and we stop using our senses to fully explore and enjoy (how we would if it were just one or two objects).  Thus when we simplify, we can truly be present, with what it is they we are seeing or experiencing; if it’s a peach – then we fully taste the peach, we experience the soft fur or juiciness and sweetness of it, and enjoy the smell, letting the rest of the world disappear , as we focus our attention mindfully, and re-align with our base.

Simplifying our environment can be a simple path, to being more present and experiencing more fully.




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