Simplicity — the symptoms of “too much”

August 14, 2012

Welcome back, we talked last week about simplifying our environment — mainly our kitchen (in terms of health and wellness — from a fitness and nutrition background), but it’s also helpful to simplify our other rooms of the house or our office too.  The less stuff piled up and surrounding us, the free-er we can feel, and the less stressed we are overall (thus healthier).

Today, I thought it would be good to talk about what “too much” stuff and “too many” things to do, can cause a sense of overwhelm and how that manifests in our bodies and lives… the “symptoms” if you will.

Stresses and pressures from “too much” build up in our bodies, and some signs of that are:

– an out of sorts feeling

– a sense that something just isn’t right or an overall un-happiness

– an overall feeling of agitation or frustration

– general overwhelm — too much to do

– exhaustion

– wanting to with draw from others

– feelings of anger or blame

– hypersensitivity – the little things get to you

– sleep changes

– postural changes

– and difficulty with attention

Sometimes it can be difficult to notice at first, or we just see it as normal life….we may even overlook it for awhile, but in time it comes back stronger (until we face it).  And when it gets really bad, we may not even notice it anymore…and loose the feeling of what a relaxed and normal “base-state” life is.

What can we do immediatly when we notice these feeling of “too much”?  Well for starters, we can acknowledge these feelings in ourselves and actually slow down enought to sit with them, without feeling like we have to change them right away…sounds a little counter-intuitive, but, when we take the time to “feel” and “be”…. we can then be understanding, kind, and give ourselves support in the moment – just being us, as we are.  Then we may take practical steps like; slowing down our normal routine; check what truly needs to be done, and what we are just adding pressure to ourselves by adding on, or trying to keep up.  Maybe take a break from extra-curricular activities, extra work, etc… intuitively I think you’ll know what’s needed. Perhaps a relaxing weekend in your pj’s, a leisurely walk in nature, more sleep, quite time with ourselves and family.  Maybe a day of nesting – comfy clothes, sleeping in, a good book, snuggle time, maybe you paint or work with wood as a hobby, slow everything…. and if a day or weekend is too much to ask of yourself, then even a few moments every few days – some “down time” to relax and experience quiet.  Spend time with yourself and build your own relationship with who you are.

In a coaching styled question, I would ask a client:  Where do you feel most at peace?  Where and when are you most comfortable and at ease?  What naturally feels like it heals you? … then do that.  We know the answers, sometimes we just don’t ask the right questions to ourselves (that’s why life coaching is so simple, and highly effective).

Naturally we know to simplify to heal – we stop the business of the external world, internal world, our environment, our routine, our access to media, etc…  and we have space and time to care for ourselves deeply.




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