Simplify your daily rhythm for health (6)

August 27, 2012

Today in our discussions of simplifying for health and well-being, we’ll talk about our daily rhythms, or schedules.

Take a step back from your day and look at it from an outsiders view?  What does it look like?  How much of your day is spent being busy?  Say.. for example – work, kids ball practice, swim lessons… emails, groceries, chores, telephone messages and call backs, organizing the next day..and on and on..  Are you over-scheduled and feeling like there’s just not enough time in your day?   Where do you draw the line?  When is enough enough?

I heard a great analogy, that modern day people are living their lives like it’s a competitive sport…   it may start out as fun and leisurely, but in time, our enjoyment fades and we’re left feeling un-satisfied.  It’s an interesting idea to look at your activities in the day and see what ones you do that you love and feel true satisfaction from, and what one’s you do because you feel you should, or feel pressured to keep up with the Jones’?  (It takes some real honesty with ourselves to answer.)  Are you competing?  Are you achieving?  Are you frantic?   Do you just need some down time?  When we loose our quiet time, we loose our ability to be creative, and to express ourselves as true individuals.  We loose the opportunity of finding and fulfilling our own path.  Now I’m not saying to stop everything that your doing, or that what you’re doing may not be truly satisfying (I hope it is satisfying)… but what I am saying is how much of the business do you truly love, and comes from passion?   And would it be nice to have more time, or slow down a bit and even have some free time?  When was the last time you had free time, un-structured and un-controlled free time…?

Last blog we did a questionairre, on the symptoms of “too much”; after seeing what your results were, having some free time might be helpful.  When we are overwhelmed and over scheduled and go go go and only stop to rest, we become anxious, stressed, physical and mentally ill, lethargic, become control freaks, micro manage everything, become un-motivated, and worst of all we loose our passion…and our connection to ourselves and to our family.

I personally think, that we put a lot of un-necessary pressure on ourselves to over achieve; which sometimes is great…but  maybe we try to over achieve in everything.  Sound familliar;  striving to be the best worker at work, have the best ideas, be the best parent, be the best cook, eat the healthiest, have the coolest car on the block, the prettiest garden, be the funniest on your base ball team…whatever….  are you striving to overachieve in all areas?  That may seem like a super idea…but when do you let go?  When does it stop paying off?  What really matters, does all of it matter equally….is all that massive pressure – all the time fun – rewarding…?  (Believe me – this has been one of my personal best lessons…that’s it’s okay, and it’s safe, and the world will still keep going if you let go…….)

With the letting go, of the constant striving (in all areas… of course keep some), we  learn to be okay with ourselves.  And identified what really truly matters.  It may sound backwards and anti-motivating…and in a sense maybe so…but this moves towards freedom, health and true deep connection with who you are.

A way we can begin to add action is to… build in a few breaks into your day, where nothing at all is planned…see where you end up, and where your heart leads….. maybe 3 planned breaks a day (like meals) ~ all we need to do is plan for space and time.

Another option is to have a few hours where we “unplug” – turn off the phone, your email, the tv/computer, your iphone/blackberry – and just be present.   Let yourself slow…..

or maybe even a day or 1/2 day unplugged….

There are the days when it’s just jam packed…and for those days, if you can foresee them coming, plan for some down time around them – i.e. the day before or the day after.

Our quiet time is truly a gift – don’t wait to vacation away, do it, allow for it.  It’s more healing than you could imagine.  Let loose, and get lost in the flow of your dreams and yourself…. ❤

~ Alyssa


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